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Thank you for your interest in our BARRA of Mendocino and Girasole Vineyards wines. We have gathered a variety of information that we hope you will find useful , but please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything else you need.

BARRA of Mendocino
Girasole Vineyards

Martha Barra (proprietor) picking olives
Martha Barra at BARRA of Mendocino tasting room
Martha Barra with Charlie's Blend
Martha Barra by old oak tree at home ranch
Randy Meyer (winemaker)
Shelley Maly (sales & marketing / daughter)
Shawn Harmon (finance/operations / son)
Charlie Barra (1926-2019)
Charlie's Blend Bottle Shot
Redwood Valley Vineyards (home ranch)
Bella Collina Vineyards
Hanging grapes
Vineyards at BARRA of Mendocino Winery
Old Oak Tree (Redwood Valley Vineyards)
Redwood Valley Vineyards early 60's
BARRA of Mendocino tasting room (outside)
BARRA of Mendocino tasting room (inside)
Alpacas kissing (photo credit: Lisa Ludwigsen )
Chickens out for a stroll

Organic Harvest Month photography

Mustard in the rows
Bee on cover crop
Cover crop
California Certified Organic Vineyard sign
Bird box
Osprey nest atop old wind machine
Osprey in nest
Ponds on home ranch

Electronic press kit
Congressional Record for Martha Barra
Charlie Barra Legacy Timeline

Martha Barra/Proprietor
Randy Meyer/Winemaker
Shelley Maly/Sales & Marketing

Overview of our three vineyard properties
Understanding organic farming
Harvest 2022 Update on 8/16/22

​BARRA of Mendocino 2020 Chardonnay
BARRA of Mendocino 2020 Pinot Noir
BARRA of Mendocino 2019 Zinfandel
BARRA of Mendocino 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon
BARRA of Mendocino 2019 Petite Sirah
BARRA of Mendocino 2015 Petite Sirah Dessert Wine
CORO Mendocino 2018
Girasole Vineyards 2021 Rose
Girasole Vineyards 2020 Pinot Blanc
Girasole Vineyards 2019 Chardonnay
Girasole Vineayards 2019 Pinot Noir
Girasole Vineyards 2020 Sangiovese
Girasole Vineyards 2019 Zinfandel
Girasole Vineyards 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon
Girasole Vineyards 2019 Charlie's Blend
Girasole Vineayrds 2019 Muscat Canelli

BARRA of Mendocino
Girasole Vineyards

BARRA of Mendocino
Girasole Vineyards