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Martha’s Muscat Poached Pear Recipe

Presentation gives additional appeal to this light, flavorful and easy dessert. Be sure to serve alongside a chilled glass of our Girasole Vineyards Muscat Canelli.

Choose eight Bartlett pears (with stems still attached) which are firm to the touch, but not green. Peel skin, leaving stem intact.

Prepare poaching liquid:


  1. When liquid is boiling, add pears, returning to medium boil. Simmer until tender, but not mushy. This will depend on the pears you choose and how ripe they are. Start with five or six minutes, but if you use Bosc pears or pears not fully ripe, it may take much longer.
  2. Remove the pears, increase the heat and reduce the liquid by half. If desired, make this dessert ahead of time and refrigerate pears and liqueur until ready to serve.
  3. Sit pears in individual shal-low bowls, spoon reduced liquid over the pears, place mint leaf near stem and add a dollop of real whipped cream along-side. Beautiful and yummy! And don't forget to pour yourself a slightly chilled glass of Muscat alongside your masterpiece:)

(Alternative: drizzle warm chocolate sauce over pear and serve with whipped cream.)

Yield: 8 servings

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